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Dear readers!

30 Aug

We are curious! Who are you??? Tell us about yourself 🙂 And why you read our blog!

Tess & Jess

// Tess


30 Aug

I®ts monday. I®m getting of at work in about 30 minutes.. I want to go home and take a relaxing bath. But I have it in the attic. I have to bring it down now.. When the fall is coming.. 🙂

Saturday at the tempel

29 Aug

Black and temple fights

28 Aug

Eyeliner is todays look for me…

and maybe slick back hair style.

Me and my family are going to a Thai temple in Haninge, Sweden today to watch muay thai fights. It will be fun! I will take pictures and update later  ❀ ❀ ❀ // Jess

Friday freedom

27 Aug

Picked by my hand! Today ~ Dinner

A good harvest day. A good dinner day. A good wine evening. Now we are going to the local festival at Hornstull, me and my family.

The most tasty mushroom was the one with the orange hat second one up in the right corner. “Tegelsopp” or directly translated to English: ” Brick-soup” 😉

Fridays dinner

Caught off guard

Bye ♄ Jess

Mushrooms in the wild

27 Aug

Today I will go hunting for mushrooms in the Swedish forest. Yes it is true. ItÂŽs one of my favorite things to do. I ♄ it.

They are very hard to get so you better sneak up on them with great cautiousness  😉

Kremla mushroom

Have a nice Friday all you Lovers in the world ♄ Jess

Hand(y men)bag

27 Aug

Nice Ad. I want that purse.

♄ Jess